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Our History

We are a multidisciplinary work team that combines the experience of a recognized career and young professionals with a high level of knowledge, quality and human warmth, whose purpose is to be the compass for our agents of change, in their professional and personal life orientation, convinced from needing to go the extra mile.


We offer our services with the highest quality standard, attached to fundamental values principles, such as Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility and Independence and reliability with qualified personnel in the areas of accounting, taxes and auditing.

  • Mission:

    We are a legally constituted firm, our main purpose is to provide efficient and timely solutions to our clients, so that they increase their business competitiveness.

  • Vision:

    Provide our firm with quality standards in the areas of accounting, Taxes and Audits, offering them Quality, Honesty, Responsibility and confidentiality, to contribute to the development and prosperity of our clients.

  • Clients More Experience:

    Our clients have offered us the opportunity to prepare and be better in our trajectory as a firm, through the different cases that are presented. We have experience in the areas of Manufacturing, Construction, Services, Agro-industrial, Veterinary, Hardware and Retail.

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Our Principles

Complying with the correct procedure in the performance of the assigned position. Resulting in greater credibility and preference for customers
Having a human base of highly qualified experts allows us to address any need in an agile, efficient and ethical manner.
I respect
Carrying out everything that has been entrusted to us by doing a little more than expected, thus showing a moral and business commitment.

Our Clients

Our Team

Elvis José Martínez Ortiz
Partner director
Managing Partner, founder of the firm Auditores Asociados EMCP, SRL Read more
Paula Vicenta Martínez Ortiz
Founding manager of the firm Auditores Asociados EMCP,S.R.L Read more
Fiordaliza Martínez Ortiz
Legal Manager
Legal Manager of the firm Auditores Asociados EMCP, SRL Read more
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